Why Should You Hire a Pest Control Company?

dead cockroachSpring has finally sprung here in Dunkirk, New York and now that the warm weather is here, creepy crawly critters of all kinds will be making their way out of their winter nests to wreak havoc on your home. A pest infestation is one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner has to deal with, and it is even more difficult when you have to handle it alone. Instead of spending the season fending off carpenter ants and spiders, hire a pest control company to handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Find the Source

Sure, you can set rat traps and hang flypaper on your own, but can you find the source of your infestation to ensure that the pests that have made their way into your home can’t get back again? With the help of an exterminator you can rid of the bugs or rodents that are bothering you now and make sure that they won’t be back again. From a hole in the siding of your garage to an open chimney, there are endless avenues that pests may take to get indoors.

Identify and Eliminate the Pest

With years of experience, pest control specialists are able to figure out exactly what critter is bothering your family with ease, quickly getting to the root of the problem and using the right type of bait to get the job done. This knowledge ensures that the correct chemicals are used at the proper dosage, location and time to ensure the best results.

Keep You Healthy

From cockroaches to rats and ticks, many pests carry diseases and bacteria that can make you and your family ill. They can also contaminate your food and trigger allergic reactions, making it extremely important to exterminate pests as soon as their presence is known.

Instead of attempting to handle a pest problem on your own, contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 at the first sign of infestation. Our expert team of workers will help you to solve the problem in a professional and timely manner, allowing you to enjoy your spring and summer without having to worry about bugs!