Why Pest Control Is Vital

When you’re thinking of taking a vacation, it’s normal to go online and peruse the ratings and reviews for hotels. If you’re like most people, you’ll pass over staying at a hotel with comments that warn you of “bed bugs,” right? People don’t like bugs, critters, and other pests to be in homes and businesses. They should be outside in the wilderness where they belong.

Pests Make Things Less Sanitary

Pest control is important for communities. Would you want to live in a place known for rats? Of course not! People also don’t want to live or stay in a place infested with cockroaches, termites, ants, wasps, bees, mice and the aforementioned rats. “It’s not sanitary” is the nice way of saying, “They creep me out!”

Pests Can Cause Unwanted Diseases

Health-wise, pests can carry diseases with them that humans do not want. Way back when, rats carried the bubonic plague with them, effectively wiping out millions of people in Europe. Lately it has been in the news that ticks are out there en masse these days, and some can infect people with terrible maladies. It’s kind of amazing to think a bug bite could kill you, right? But in some cases, that’s true. If anything, bug bites can cause horrible itching, as well as rashes and sickness. In general, people hate bugs, and can you blame them?

Pests Can Destroy Your Property

Another reason pest control is important is anytime you’ve got too many bugs of one type in a concentrated place, they can ruin things. Termites could literally eat your house to the point where it falls down! Certain bugs swarming around crops could wipe those crops out.

Too many bugs can cause damage to structures and crops. Therefore, we have to be adamant that we’re not going to let pests get out of control where we live.

Since 1994, Comfort Pest Control has been quick, safe and, most importantly, effective at eliminating many different types of pests from places where they don’t belong in and around Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. With affordable prices, Comfort Pest Control keeps homes and businesses in the Dunkirk region free of rodents and insects that would otherwise cause problems. For more information, please call 716-366-2120.