Why Are Carpenter Ants Seen In The Winter Inside?

Carpenter Ants Everywhere
When Carpenter Ants are located inside your home during the winter months it is a good indication of a nesting site within the structure. Carpenter Ants will be seen randomly in all most any room throughout your home. Finding the nest this time of the year is very difficult, but critical for control. Carpenter Ants have been dormant since the fall and have just starting to forage around your home looking for a food source.

How is it possible for Carpenter Ants to start foraging now?
Even though we live in Western New York with sub-zero temperatures, the heat from the sun beating on home or the heat from a fireplace is enough heat to get the ants moving. This tricks the Carpenter Ants into believing it is spring.

Where could the nest be?
The nests are often located in window sills, door frames or anywhere else Carpenter Ants can find moist wood. Although it is still possible for Carpenter Ants nest in other areas such as, hollow door and foam insulation.







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