What To Do After Your Extermination Company Leaves

Facing unwanted insect and rodent pests inside your home is a stressful experience. And after your exterminator has done his or her job, you may be wonderi

What To Do After Your Extermination Company Leaves

ng what else you can do to help ensure your home stays pest-free. Of course, it is important to follow your exterminator’s instructions as to how long you should remain away from your home. But once the coast is clear, here are a few preventative measures you can take to help put your mind at ease – and keep those creepy crawlies away for good!


Bugs, mice and rats all love to hide in dark, covered areas, which is why we recommend de-cluttering your home to get rid of potential hideouts. Attics and basements are especially attractive to pests, so organize yours to the best of your ability to prevent them from moving back in.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Cracks and holes in your foundation, along with holes or gaps around your windows, are some of the easiest ways for pests to get into your home. Now that your extermination company has eradicated the critters already living inside your space, it’s time to prevent any more from moving in. Perform a close inspection of your home’s exterior, sealing up any cracks and crevices you find along the way.

Do Some Deep Cleaning

Oftentimes, exterminators have to use strong chemicals to get rid of insect and rodent pests inside of homes. To get rid of the chemical odors inside of your space, as well as to prevent your family from ingesting them, perform some deep cleaning once you have received the green light from your exterminator. Open up the windows and doors to air out your house, wipe down counters and cabinets, and change the sheets on your beds.

After dealing with pests inside of your home, this deep cleaning routine will make you feel a lot better!

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