Tips for Raccoon-Proofing Your Home

raccoon in garbageWhen most people think of pest control, they think of ants, spiders and the occasional mouse or rat. Animals like raccoons are also known to cause problems, especially as the weather gets chilly and they start looking for a cozy place to escape the snow. Nocturnal critters that make themselves at home in attics and under porches, raccoons are also the wild animal most commonly carrying rabies. The first line of defense against these pests is prevention. Raccoons love squeezing down chimneys and raiding the garbage, so take the proper steps to keep them out of your home and yard.

Close Off the Chimney

As you head to the roof to clean out gutters and hang Christmas lights this December, we recommend covering your chimney with a chimney cap as well. These covers will prevent raccoons from gaining access to your home while allowing smoke to escape when you light a fire. You can also trim back branches on nearby trees to keep pests off of your roof altogether.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Raccoons have been known to enter homes through a variety of spaces, including vents and holes as small as a baseball. Take some time to inspect the outside of your home for cracks and holes in the foundation and soffits, fixing those that you come across to prevent unwanted guests from sneaking inside. Install screens to cover outdoor vents as well, checking them regularly to make sure no one has broken through.

Properly Seal Trash Cans

From dog food to garbage, raccoons are scavengers that will eat almost anything! If your trash cans are being tipped over and raided in the evenings, place a brick on top of each can, switch to ones that lock shut or start keeping them in your (well sealed) garage. If raccoons are unable to get into your home and garbage, they will move on to somewhere they can gain access to.

If you see signs of damage to the outside of your Dunkirk, New York home or hear the critters moving about in your attic, call Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 today. Our technicians are available at all times for all of your pest emergencies.