Keep Mice Out of Your Home this Winter

It is no secret that winters in Chautauqua County can be tough. We face freezing temperatures and piles of snow from November through March. Local pests will do whateveKeep Mice Out of Your Home this Winter r they can to get out of the elements and into our homes. Mice are commonly discovered inside of homes during winter months. Mice are desperate to escape the winter weather and will persistently fight to get into a warm house.

Although mice are small creatures, they can do significant damage inside of a home with very little time. It is important to prevent mice from getting in to your home and you can do so by following these simple suggestions.

Shut Them Out

Mice can fit through extremely small openings, making it easy for them to gain access into our homes. Any crack, gap, or hole in a wall or window of your home is a wide open doorway for a mouse. Make sure you are sealing these points to prevent mice from using them as an entrance. If the area is smaller than a quarter inch you can caulk it. You can also use copper wire mesh or hardware cloth to fill openings. These materials are too thick and too hard for mice to chew through and will prevent them from chewing their way back in after you seal the hole shut.

Put Food Away

Mice are drawn to food and they will eat just about anything. If they find that food is readily available to them, they will do whatever they can to remain in that space and fight to stay there. Make sure you are washing dishes right after using them and don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter. You should be putting food away cupboards and shutting the cupboards as well. Any food should be sealed shut from chip bags to cereal boxes. You should also be vacuuming and cleaning floors and counters regularly to get rid of crumbs.

Clear Away Clutter

Mice will hide wherever they can to get away from the cold weather. They will hide, unseen, in pile of wood, garbage, or scrap metal. If you have any of these things piled up outside in your yard, you should make sure they are a good distance away from you home.  If they are leaning up against your home, you have an increased chance of the mice getting into your home. You should be keeping your home clutter free. Mice will hide under piles of dirty laundry or that pile of clothes you have been meaning to donate.

By following these simple suggestions, you’ll be a few steps closer to preventing mice from coming into your home and getting comfortable.

If you do find that you have a mice infestation that you cannot handle, call Comfort Pest Control. We can handle it for you.

Why Insects Fear Winter’s Arrival

In the summer, ants always come marching into your home. Your summer picnics probably had several unwanted guests in attendance, wings and all. Insects thrive in the summer weather with plenty of food, sunlight, warmth, and water to support them. However, winter provides cold temperatures and harsh weather, leaving insects desperate for an escape plan from the great outdoors.

Many insects in the colder portions of the United States avoid winter all together by hibernating. These insects choose to go dormant in the winter. Most become either freeze-susceptible or freeze-tolerant. If they are freeze-susceptible, they are able to use antifreeze compounds within their body to supercool their body fluids above freezing point. Insects that are freeze-tolerant do not freeze but the fluid around their living cells does. When insects hibernate, they often slow down their metabolism to conserve all of their energy into a deep sleep. When temperatures warm again, they will wake.

Some insects choose to migrate in the winter months. Many people that live55410367 - pink butterfly in the northern part of the country choose to go to Florida in the winter months and bugs are no different. Insects leave their homes when cooler temperatures kick in, seeking warmer temperatures before the first snowfall. Monarch butterflies are known specifically for their migration habits. The entire colony migrates and lives the remainder of their lives in a warmer climate, although they do not live very long. Insects often migrate to warmer climates and different bugs, born to the previous insects during the winter, return in their place in the spring.


Many insects choose to stay in their designated environments all year round, must to humans disgust. Since the insects can’t stay outside and survive in the winter, they choose to come inside and make themselves at home in our homes. Many insects including ladybugs, cluster flies, and spiders will force themselves inside as temperatures cool. They seek shelter and warmth within walls, attics, basements, and living rooms. Many of us find ourselves killing bugs frequently in the winter as well, and this is because those bugs have settled in the corners of our homes.

If you start to discover that many insects chose the “invade” option, contact Comfort Pest Control and we will help you kick them out.