The Importance Of Removing Spiders From Your Home

Spiders New York State is home to many spiders. One of the most common is the sac spider which likes to bite humans. Their bites cause itchy and painful sores on the skin, and since they’re tiny (like ¼ of an inch in length) you probably won’t even realize they’re on you and biting you.

If you live near water, you might see fishing spiders. These are brown, gray and big, but they don’t bother humans much– they’re more interested in eating tadpoles under water in rivers, swamps and streams.

Perhaps the spider you’re most familiar with is the good old American house spider. Got a basement or attic? They’re probably in there, usually in the dark, moist corners near the ceiling or by a window spinning their webs. With round abdomens, these spiders are yellow, brown, black and gray.

New York State gardens often have garden spiders, while funnel web spiders make grassy fields their home. Looking at a very hairy spider? You’re probably seeing the wolf spider– brown and black with three rows of eyes (and four in each row).

In New York, there are about a dozen species of spiders, and people get freaked out by them because they have the ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere. With their eight legs and two body segments, spiders catch their prey easily and use their hollow fangs to inject venom into their prey and kill them. Then, like a vacuum cleaner, they suck up their prey.

Spiders have a bad reputation, and the average American does NOT want them in their living quarters. In that case, Comfort Pest Control can come to your house and get rid of spiders who are bothering you. In New York State, near Dunkirk, call 716-366-2120 and if you’re in PA, near Erie, call 814-456-2032.