Watch Out for Norway Rats in Dunkirk, NY

Norway RatsNo one likes finding out that there home has been invaded by pests, especially when those pests are rodents like Norway rats. While Norway rats themselves aren’t particularly dangerous to people, they can carry and transmit a number of diseases. If you’re already dealing with a Norway rat infestation, contact an exterminator today to get rid of the problem. For everyone else, here are a few of tips that can help you reduce the odds of Norway rates entering your home.

It is important to keep in mind that these rates are really only after three things, the first of which is food. Rats will eat just about anything in your home that is edible, so don’t leave open food lying around the house. Furthermore, you should tie your garbage bags tightly before taking them outside. If a rat finds food sources around your home, they will be more likely to enter it in hopes of finding more.

The second thing Norway rates are after is water. If you have any sort of plumbing leak in or around your home, this could be attracting rats. Taking care of your property’s plumbing problems should keep any thirsty rats away. Of course, you should also take care of your lawn to ensure there isn’t anything like wood piles creating a natural shelter and causing rainwater to build up.

Speaking of shelter, that’s the third thing these rats are after. If you have gaps in your windows and doors and a rat is nearby, odds are they will try getting inside. Unfortunately, rats can fit through even the smallest of holes, including everything from dryer vents to chimney openings. Evaluate your home for any spots that could be vulnerable and take the necessary steps to keep them sealed.

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble keeping Norway rats out of your home, but if you do, you know who to call for help!

Indicators That You May Have Rats

Rat ProblemsHow do you know if you have rats? Well, rats tend to go where people live and where they can find food and water daily. They like finding food in trash bags and cans and tend to live in tall weeds/grass, fences/walls, and abandoned appliances.

You might have rats in your place if you hear scurrying or gnawing sounds at night when the place is dark. Furthermore, look around your place for teeth marks where rats have chewed through stuff like baseboards and electric cords. If you notice dark smears along the bottom of hallway walls, that could indicate rats have been rubbing their dirty bodies against your walls. Also, there’s always their secretions– fresh rat droppings are dark and soft, while older ones get hard, gray and brittle.

Do you have any holes in unexpected places inside or outside your place? Look for freshly dug holes at foundations, walls, sidewalks, floors and embankments. Those could be rat holes.

If you really want to see if rats are in your place, you could always put a small amount of food that would appeal to them in a place where you can easily see if it gets eaten. You might even catch the rat in the act if the timing is right.

Comfort Pest Control, which serves New York and Pennsylvania, can help you figure out if you have a rat problem. Even better– they can manage and eliminate rats, giving you much needed peace-of-mind. After all, besides the people who want to keep rats as pets, pretty much no one wants rats running around their property!

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