Indicators That You May Have Rats

Rat ProblemsHow do you know if you have rats? Well, rats tend to go where people live and where they can find food and water daily. They like finding food in trash bags and cans and tend to live in tall weeds/grass, fences/walls, and abandoned appliances.

You might have rats in your place if you hear scurrying or gnawing sounds at night when the place is dark. Furthermore, look around your place for teeth marks where rats have chewed through stuff like baseboards and electric cords. If you notice dark smears along the bottom of hallway walls, that could indicate rats have been rubbing their dirty bodies against your walls. Also, there’s always their secretions– fresh rat droppings are dark and soft, while older ones get hard, gray and brittle.

Do you have any holes in unexpected places inside or outside your place? Look for freshly dug holes at foundations, walls, sidewalks, floors and embankments. Those could be rat holes.

If you really want to see if rats are in your place, you could always put a small amount of food that would appeal to them in a place where you can easily see if it gets eaten. You might even catch the rat in the act if the timing is right.

Comfort Pest Control, which serves New York and Pennsylvania, can help you figure out if you have a rat problem. Even better– they can manage and eliminate rats, giving you much needed peace-of-mind. After all, besides the people who want to keep rats as pets, pretty much no one wants rats running around their property!

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