Preventing a Fall Pest Infestation

seasonal pestsFor families tired of buzzing bees and mosquitoes, relief is near! The fall season is quickly approaching, and once the weather starts to cool down, so will the constant attacks from these annoying insect pests. But of course, the drop in temperatures can cause other pests to flock towards your home in search of a warm, cozy place to hole up before the snow hits.

There are plenty of steps you can take to keep insects and rodents alike away from your home, and we at Comfort Pest Control recommend taking the following steps to keep them at bay throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Outdoor Inspection

How do pests like ants, cockroaches and rats make their way into your home? Typically through holes and gaps in its exterior. Take some time to review the outside of your house for damage before the weather gets chilly, ensuring that there are no spots where pests of any size can crawl inside. Once you are certain that all problem areas are caulked and properly sealed, it’s time to review the interior.

Thorough Cleaning

From the attic to the basement, there are a few different places that pests are most likely to make themselves comfortable in your home. Dark, damp, quiet areas – as well as those with piles of clutter and debris – are the ones that pests will gravitate towards. Thorough cleaning of these spaces, along with the kitchen and pantry, will help to reduce the likelihood of a fall infestation.

Of course, not all infestations can be prevented, and if you are in need of pest removal services in your Dunkirk area home, please call Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120.

Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay with Help from Bats

bat boxesWe are really in the thick of summer now. With all this heat, the mosquitoes are peskier than ever, buzzing through our backyards like they own the place. Sometimes the insect repellent and citronella candles just don’t cut it when you want to have a BBQ or a bonfire in the backyard. Instead of getting bit up like crazy, consider this easy solution to help reduce the number of mosquitoes bugging you and your friends this summer and every summer to come: Bat Boxes.

What is a bat box you ask? It is a cute little wooden box that can house up to 150 bats inside. Bats, if you didn’t know already, are excellent at insect control and New York is lucky to be home to at least nine different species of them. A single bat can devour as many as 1,000 insects in one night. Just think about how many insects an entire family of bats can devour! And, as an added bonus, having a bat box in your yard will detour these winged critters from taking up residence in your home.

If you are thinking about when you should put up your bat box, there is no time better than the present. According to Marne Titchenell, a wildlife-program specialist with the Ohio State University Extension, bats are most likely to inhabit these houses between the months of April and August (when the female bats look for roosting spaces to give birth and raise their pups).

Interested in learning more about bat boxes, or have other questions about pest control in the Western New York area? Give Comfort Pest Control a call at 716-366-2120.

Don’t Let Stinging Insects Spoil Your Summer Fun

beehiveWinged insects like bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are some of summer’s most common pests, all of which can go from moderately annoying when buzzing around your dinner plate to downright dangerous when they sting someone with an allergy to insect stings. And since summer is the time of year that we all want to spend outside in our backyards, the presence of a flying insect nest on your property can be extraordinarily stressful.

Your first reaction to any nest – whether it is in your yard, the walls of your home, or the attic – will probably be to eliminate it yourself, but we at Comfort Pest Control would like to caution you against this plan. There are a wide variety of mistakes you can make when attempting to remove one, most of which can result in your injury. And there is always the chance that you will not fully eliminate the problem pest.

Instead of trying to face a hornet, bee, wasp or yellow jacket nest on your own, please call Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 to handle your summer insect pest control problem. Not only do we have years of experience dealing with flying pests like these, but we also are trained to work in small spaces (like attics and basements) and use professional products that are not available to the general public. This will help to ensure that your insect problem is handled correctly and completely the first time, allowing your summer fun to continue without further interruption.

Based out of Dunkirk, New York, our technicians are available 24/7 to assess your situation.

EPA Approves Pest Control Fumigation Chemical

rodent pest controlHere at Comfort Pest Control we like to stay up to date on the latest industry news to serve our customers with only the best products to rid their homes and businesses of unwanted rodent and insect pests.

Inert Gas Injection, LLC (IGI), recently received final registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a pesticidal carbon dioxide (CO2) called IGI Carbon Dioxide. Used for the fumigation and eradication of many pests in storage, transport, and containment-based structures, this agent was approved on June 9, 2016. Below are some of the facts and information that we wanted to share with you.

IGI calls the new pesticidal carbon dioxide “a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of pest control, and one that will help remove many caustic and poison chemicals from the market, making our planet a safer place.” The solution will basically be effective in eliminating the targeted specials without the risk of harming children, pets or wildlife. This is great news for the pest control industry, because we always caution our clients to keep a close eye on children and pets after we spray.

IGI CO2 used as a pesticide is revolutionary and different from other chemical agents for pest control only when released in a confined space. Only then do the effects of this naturally occurring organic gas become active. CO2 immediately induces an amnestic effect, and pests confined within this space succumb to a lack of breathable air resulting in pest suffocation.  There is no contamination of soil or other spaces due to lasting chemical and toxic agents.

The first product available is called The Eliminator System for the fumigation of granaries, agricultural product storage facilities, cargo containers and ship holds. IGI labels under EPA review focus on the control of burrowing rodents and bed bugs. The company expects these approvals early next year. IGI is also in the process of consideration for the product’s use as an organic pesticide for the control of pests on each EPA label.

So many revolutionary pesticides will be making their way to the market soon, and we are so happy to be able to introduce you to the safest products that are available. If you have a pest control problem in the Dunkirk, New York or Northwestern Pennsylvania area, please call us at 716-366-2120.

Japan Fights Insect Pests with the Agri Drone

droneA new way to fight off the insect pests that plague farms across Japan, the Agri Drone was developed by OPTiM IT firm and Saga University. Capable of spraying pesticides and using a suspended bug zapper, this drone has recently completed its first round of test.

The idea behind the drone is to use fewer pesticides on crops, spraying them only where – and when – they are needed. During the first round of testing Agri Drone was launched in the evening hours to protect soy and potato crops from congregating swarms of insects. Infrared and thermal cameras are employed to find these pests and then targeted doses of pesticides are used to eliminate them.

For farmers that want to avoid pesticides entirely, Agri Drone can even be equipped with a suspended bug zapper. It will then spot swarms of insects and fly above them, lights attracting them into the electrical current.

Throughout these early tests the drone was successful in finding and exterminating 50 different insect pests, showing just what a powerful tool it has the potential to become.

We at Comfort Pest Control are always interested to see what advancements are being made in the pest control field, and we look forward to seeing this drone make its mark in agriculture.

For Dunkirk, New York area homeowners experiencing insect pest problems this summer, we are just a phone call away. From carpenter ants to hornets, we can find and exterminate whatever pest you are facing. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 716-366-2120.

Three Important Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home this Summer

family outside in summerWith the school year coming to an end, your children will soon be running in and out of your house all day – splashing in the pool, riding their bikes up and down the driveway and playing with friends. And while we all love summer fun, all this rushing about can provide insect pests a clear path into your home.

Check Your Window Screens

As the temperatures continue to rise this season, your family is sure to be opening windows for a cool evening breeze, leaving your window screens as the only line of defense between your home and the insect pests trying to make their way inside.

Before the summer weather arrives, take some time to review the screens throughout your home thoroughly, checking for holes, tears and loose-fitting frames that will give pests access to your space.

Clean Up Food Waste Right Away

Whether your children are eating their lunches by the pool or your entire family is enjoying a backyard barbecue together, remember to clean up leftover food, plates and beverages right away. This will help to keep ants and flies away from your home, helping to prevent any from getting inside when you head back indoors for the evening.

Also keep your garbage cans a few feet away from your home, always sealing them properly to reduce your risk of pests.

Apply Perimeter Applications

Here at Comfort Pest Control, we offer preventative perimeter applications to help control pests and prevent infestation during peak season. This will help to ensure the safety of your home’s structure as well as your family’s health throughout the season where insect pests are most active.

To learn more about this service and the other pest control options we provide for families in the Dunkirk, New York area, visit us online or contact us by phone at 716-366-2120. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7, ready to respond to all of your emergency needs.

Four Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Company

ant pest controlFrom carpenter ants to bald-face hornets and yellow jackets, there are many different summer insect pests that can make their way into your home. And while you may think that you can eradicate these bugs on your own, they can be more difficult to defeat than you would think!

To keep your family and home safe against infestations, we always recommend calling a professional exterminator right away.

Find the Problem’s Source

Instead of just exterminating the pests currently plaguing your home, a pest control company can find the source of your problem to ensure that further infestations do not occur. Whether they are searching for a carpenter ant nest or a gap in your siding that is allowing hornets inside, an experienced professional can solve your pest control problem quickly and efficiently.

Save Time

Trying different pest control products and searching for the source of your problem is a time consuming process, so why not leave the tough work to the professionals?

A pest control company can defeat the insects invading your home much more quickly than you can hope to do on your own, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful summer season with your family without any further pest-related worries.

Avoid Further Damage

Working with a pest control company will ensure the complete elimination of pests in your home – pests that can do a lot of damage inside your walls! Carpenter ants and termites especially can create safety concerns. And fixing structural damage can become much more costly than working with an exterminator.

Protect Your Health

Beyond being a huge nuisance, many pests that make their way inside our homes can cause health problems. From allergic reactions to salmonella poisoning, there are many different health concerns to worry about when facing a pest infestation.

Instead of trying to handle your summer pest problem on your own, contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 at the first sign of invading insects. Our professional team has years of experience dealing with pests in the Dunkirk, New York area and is ready to face any pest problem you may have this season!

Maintaining the Exterior of the Perimeter of a Structure

family enjoying pest free yardMaintaining the area around your home or business is a key component of keeping carpenter ants, spiders, millipedes and several other invading pests at bay.

The bushes and limbs that touch a structure allow an avenue for pests to enter the building, so keeping a nice three foot barrier of low cut grass and removing all debris and weeds should be a starting point of your regular spring and summer maintenance.

Insects thrive in moist, shady areas, so use natural elements to your benefit, creating a dry, sunlit, brush-free area around the foundation of your residence.

The drainage coming off the home should be directed at least five or ten feet away, and don’t be afraid to use long gutter extensions to direct that water from the roof further from your home. Water is great for growth but not when it is standing along the perimeter of the structure. The spread of many diseases is associated with standing water and it can be a breeding ground for harmful, sometimes deadly mosquitos.

Along with a good pest control maintenance program, these tips will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by unwanted, creepy crawly guests this summer.

Have a question about your seasonal pest control maintenance? Give Comfort Pest Control a call at 716-366-2120. We are always happy to help keep your home safe from bugs!

Is Your Home at Risk for Pest Infestation? [Infographic]

From an uncovered chimney to a loose seal on one of your windows, there are endless ways for pests to make their way into your home. And with ants, bats, rats, termites and more living in the Dunkirk, New York area, there are a wide variety of critters that could be residing inside your attic, walls or basement.

Not only are these pests a nuisance to deal with, but they can also cause incredible damage to the structure of your home; damage that is not usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance! So whether you have noticed your cupboards being disturbed or have heard a strange scratching noise at night, calling an exterminator is your first line of defense against your potential pest problem.

Serving Dunkirk and the surrounding towns for more than twenty years, Comfort Pest Control uses the most advanced methods available to handle your insect and rodent pest problems. Visit us online to learn more about the services we offer and contact us right away at 716-366-2120 if you are facing a pest invasion.

Why Should You Hire a Pest Control Company?

dead cockroachSpring has finally sprung here in Dunkirk, New York and now that the warm weather is here, creepy crawly critters of all kinds will be making their way out of their winter nests to wreak havoc on your home. A pest infestation is one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner has to deal with, and it is even more difficult when you have to handle it alone. Instead of spending the season fending off carpenter ants and spiders, hire a pest control company to handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Find the Source

Sure, you can set rat traps and hang flypaper on your own, but can you find the source of your infestation to ensure that the pests that have made their way into your home can’t get back again? With the help of an exterminator you can rid of the bugs or rodents that are bothering you now and make sure that they won’t be back again. From a hole in the siding of your garage to an open chimney, there are endless avenues that pests may take to get indoors.

Identify and Eliminate the Pest

With years of experience, pest control specialists are able to figure out exactly what critter is bothering your family with ease, quickly getting to the root of the problem and using the right type of bait to get the job done. This knowledge ensures that the correct chemicals are used at the proper dosage, location and time to ensure the best results.

Keep You Healthy

From cockroaches to rats and ticks, many pests carry diseases and bacteria that can make you and your family ill. They can also contaminate your food and trigger allergic reactions, making it extremely important to exterminate pests as soon as their presence is known.

Instead of attempting to handle a pest problem on your own, contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 at the first sign of infestation. Our expert team of workers will help you to solve the problem in a professional and timely manner, allowing you to enjoy your spring and summer without having to worry about bugs!