Some Bugs Might Save Wine

Some Bugs Might Save Wine Dealing with pests inside of your home is no fun; it’s an invasion. Bugs don’t belong inside of our homes, but even we can agree that not all insects are bad because some of them are responsible for saving wine vineyards.

According to WineEnthusiastNetwork, some bugs are vital in the production of grapes and ultimately, wine.

If you’ve ever dealt with a wasp nest near your home, you know that they are ruthless. They have a very painful sting and they are a danger to children and pets. They have no place in or around our home.


When out in the vineyard, wasps work as a natural pesticide by laying their eggs into the eggs of other insects that might be harmful to the crops. Many pesticides can be harmful to crops and our environment, however, the wasps eggs are not.


Predatory mites also act as a natural alternative to pesticides; the hungry bugs feed on spider mites, which eat the sap from the vines and cause damage to the leaves and shoots of the vine.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are also an important factor in some vineyards. The bees help to pollinate the crops, which is what helps the crops flourish. Without bumble bees, grape vine crops wouldn’t grow.

Earth Worms

You can’t have a healthy crop without good soil, which is where earthworms come in. Earthworms help keep soil healthy by degrading plant matter. Without earthworms to keep the soil healthy, it would be impossible to grow healthy grape crops in the soil.

Although we don’t love insects inside of our homes, we do appreciate the work that they put into our vineyards.

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Insects Affected By Warming World

Scientists are discovering that global warming is having an effect on many major parts of our environment, especially insects.Beetle

Insects are primarily pests and they do cause great deal of annoyance to our daily lives.

From damaging the foundations of our homes to infesting our kitchens, insects result in issues.

However, we also must acknowledge that through extensive research, it is clear that insects do play a critical role in the environment. However, the recent decline in global warming could pose as a problem for insects.

Insects are failing to reproduce because they are unable to move from extremely heated environment as juveniles.

Being unable to travel great distances as juveniles thus prevents them from mating and reproducing.

Researchers have indicated that many insect species that are in the juvenile stage are unable to move away from their immediate environment due to being larvae or small nymphs without wings. This equates to these insects virtually being stuck where they are.

If insects are unable to reproduce, the results would severely damaging and changing our ecosystem.

When a study was conducted on two species of fruit flies, the study was put into place to examine the effect of increased ambient temperature rises on two populations of fruit flies. The two types of fruit flies included in the study were one from Spain and another from Sweden.

The findings of the study showed that the Swedish fruit fly evolved in a colder temperature and were less resistant to extreme weather changes. The southern Spanish fruit flies, however, were more resistant to the extreme heat.

More research is needed in order to provide further information on how the rising temperatures affect insects but it has been made clear that increasing temperatures are playing a direct role.

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