Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Along for the Ride

Most people cringe at the worAvoid Bringing Bed Bugs Along for the Rided “bed bug” and the majority of people fear having an infestation of this pest, rightfully so. You have to have your entire home treated if you end up with bed bugs.

If you’re careful, there are lots of ways you can lower the risk of transferring bedbugs from an infested building into your home.


However, following these tips might help you to avoid bringing bedbugs along for the ride.

If you travel often for leisure or for work, staying in hotel rooms is unavoidable. Even if you are staying in a five star hotel, bedbugs can still happen. If you are worried that a hotel might be infested, or you just want to be cautious, pack your belongings in trash bags inside your suitcase, keeping them closed during the day. That will prevent anything from hitching a ride home with you on your clothes.

When you check into a hotel, check the bed for signs of bedbugs: this might include seeing the bugs (they’re usually the size of apple seeds or smaller so that can be hard to do), check around the corners of the mattress where they tend to gather, and inspect any spots that might look like dirt or ground pepper.

If you see anything suspicious, ask to change rooms immediately, and go at least two floors away. If you see bugs and are certain of it, leave the hotel.

Keep your luggage on a table, away from any bedding while you’re inspecting the room. You can also leave it in the bathroom, since bedbugs don’t typically venture into them because they have no upholstery.

Store your suitcase in the garage, attic, or basement after a trip. Do not leave luggage under your bed where it is close to your mattress.

If you think you have bedbugs in your home, you should immediately call an expert. Contact Comfort Pest Control to handle the situation for you.

Is Your Home at Risk for Pest Infestation? [Infographic]

From an uncovered chimney to a loose seal on one of your windows, there are endless ways for pests to make their way into your home. And with ants, bats, rats, termites and more living in the Dunkirk, New York area, there are a wide variety of critters that could be residing inside your attic, walls or basement.

Not only are these pests a nuisance to deal with, but they can also cause incredible damage to the structure of your home; damage that is not usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance! So whether you have noticed your cupboards being disturbed or have heard a strange scratching noise at night, calling an exterminator is your first line of defense against your potential pest problem.

Serving Dunkirk and the surrounding towns for more than twenty years, Comfort Pest Control uses the most advanced methods available to handle your insect and rodent pest problems. Visit us online to learn more about the services we offer and contact us right away at 716-366-2120 if you are facing a pest invasion.