Insect and Rodent Exclusion Programs for the Home and Business

insect and rodent exclusionA good exterminator knows that there are variety of ways to eliminate pests, and constantly considers which method will be most effective. In many cases, exclusion programs work best—that is, stopping insects and rodents from entering proactively. It might sound easier than it actually is, however, as exclusion programs require an understanding of the specific pest’s behavior, as well as their surrounding environment.

If insects or rodents are finding their way into your home or business, you need to identify exactly what type of pest they are. Every species of creature has its own particular instincts that lead them into your building. At Comfort Pest Control, we have expert knowledge on what attracts problems, whether it be sources of light, food, or materials. We can also examine an environment and local trends to determine what might turn into a problem in the future.

The most important aspect of insect and rodent exclusion programs is the inspection of the building in question. A good exterminator will leave no stone unturned, closely examining entry points. The next step, of course, is eliminating each entry point. This could involve anything from closing gaps in the foundation to adding a screened barrier to ducts. A line must be traced from the source to the destination, and that line must be interrupted and diverted away from the home.

Another key component of any effective insect and rodent exclusion program is the elimination of sources of attraction for pests. Recommendations may be given to the home or business owner based on the insect or rodent that’s been a problem. Often, a deep cleaning of an area or more sanitary habits can go a long way towards resolving the problem.

At Comfort Pest Control, we provide insect and rodent exclusion programs in the Dunkirk, NY and surrounding areas. If you’re having problems with pests, and would prefer they stay out of your home in the first place, contact us for a consultation today.


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Comfort Pest Control: Controlling Exterior Spiders to Prevent an Interior Problem

Exterior Spider ControlSpiders—some people don’t mind them all that much, while others nearly go insane just from the sight of them. While most people concentrate on getting rid of spiders from the interior of their homes, they often forget the exterior around the house matters just as much when it comes to deterring the creepy crawlers from invading human turf. You can continue to get rid of spiders found inside, one by one. But a more effective approach is to identify their entry point and eliminate it.

As scary as spiders might look, they desire protection just as any living thing does. Eliminating these safe havens can go a long way. Look around your home’s foundation and exterior walls. Move things like piles of wood and leaves away from the house, as they are like five star hotels for spiders—a protected and productive place for them. If you have bushes and trees close to your home, spiders are likely living in there, too. When tree branches or shrubs come in contact with your home, they present a perfect opportunity for spiders to get onto and into your home. Sufficiently freaked out yet?

Even more important than what sort of terrain they prefer is what they like to eat. Spiders go where bugs are. By addressing an insect problem, you can kill two birds (or bugs, in this case) with one stone. Exterior lighting is a great place to start, as some sources of light attract bugs more than others.

Finally, regular preventative service from a company like Comfort Pest Control can help you to stop your spider problem in its tracks. Our services include power-washing walls and foundation cracks where spiders and other disgusting insects may be nesting, as well as perimeter, peak-to-foundation applications of deterrents that will keep unwanted pests from calling your home their home.

Spiders are fine, just so long as they’re living somewhere else, right? Sure, many of us will admit that our fear of spiders is irrational, but someone still needs to get out there to stop them from getting in. If you’re in Western New York or Pennsylvania, consider hiring Comfort Pest Control of Dunkirk, NY to get the job done the right way, every time.