Don’t Fall for Autumn Insects

Our world is filled with little creatures searching for protection as the temperatures outside get colder. It is important to know what insects to watch out for as the season changes and the insects seek shelter, often times in our gardens and our homes.

1) Yellow Jackets – Yellow jackets are notorious for surfacing in autumn. They spend the summer building up their colony and as the weather cools, they are forced to abandon their nest and that is why we see so many of them as temperatures drop. They are eager to gather food and they aggressively prepare for winter. However, the majority of the worker bees don’t make it through winter months. Some of the queens will last through the winter if they find appropriate shelter in buildings or tree bark, which is why it’s important to keep them away from your home.

2) Bagworms – Bagworms are a type of caterpillar that become plentiful in the fall, especially in gardens. They are only about 2.5 inches long and brown or black in color. They typically find refuge in evergreen branches or hanging onto the bottom of porches once autumn hits. They spin a spindle-shaped bag around themselves as a shield to protect them from predators and elements.

63089055 - brown stink bug in kyoto, japan3) Stink Bugs – Stink bugs exist throughout the summer months but they start searching for shelter when the temperatures drop, as many insects do. In the fall, they are constantly seeking out homes and hiding places. They seek shelter within the walls of houses and they go after soft fruits and produce, which are typically found in our kitchens making the kitchen a big target for stink bugs. Stink bug infestations increase when crops have been harvested, which is why they start to invade in the fall.

4) Slugs – Slugs become a pressing issue in the fall, especially for gardens.  Slugs lay sixty percent of their eggs in the fall, making them an active insect as the seasons change. They seek out fruits, vegetables, and pansy petals. Slugs desire dark and moist places, otherwise they would die from getting dried out. Water your garden earlier in the day so it is not inviting for slugs once night falls.

These are just a few of the insects that give us issues in the fall. If you believe that you have an insect or pest problem and need assistance handling it, contact Comfort Pest Control and learn how we can take care of it for you.

Three Important Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home this Summer

family outside in summerWith the school year coming to an end, your children will soon be running in and out of your house all day – splashing in the pool, riding their bikes up and down the driveway and playing with friends. And while we all love summer fun, all this rushing about can provide insect pests a clear path into your home.

Check Your Window Screens

As the temperatures continue to rise this season, your family is sure to be opening windows for a cool evening breeze, leaving your window screens as the only line of defense between your home and the insect pests trying to make their way inside.

Before the summer weather arrives, take some time to review the screens throughout your home thoroughly, checking for holes, tears and loose-fitting frames that will give pests access to your space.

Clean Up Food Waste Right Away

Whether your children are eating their lunches by the pool or your entire family is enjoying a backyard barbecue together, remember to clean up leftover food, plates and beverages right away. This will help to keep ants and flies away from your home, helping to prevent any from getting inside when you head back indoors for the evening.

Also keep your garbage cans a few feet away from your home, always sealing them properly to reduce your risk of pests.

Apply Perimeter Applications

Here at Comfort Pest Control, we offer preventative perimeter applications to help control pests and prevent infestation during peak season. This will help to ensure the safety of your home’s structure as well as your family’s health throughout the season where insect pests are most active.

To learn more about this service and the other pest control options we provide for families in the Dunkirk, New York area, visit us online or contact us by phone at 716-366-2120. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7, ready to respond to all of your emergency needs.

Protect Your Home from Pests this Spring

cleaning backyard in springAfter a beautiful spring weekend here in Western New York, unwanted pests like ants, spiders and silverfish are sure to have begun foraging around your yard, searching for ways into your home. And unless you want bugs raiding the snack drawer in your kitchen, it’s time to employ some preventative measures to ensure an insect-free season.

Clear Your Perimeter

The first and easiest step you can take to prevent insects from getting into your home is clear the area around the perimeter of your home. Shade, moisture and plant growth will all attract insects, making your home a target for these unwanted visitors.

We recommend starting your spring cleaning by clearing away any weeds, sticks and debris that have gathered against your foundation during the cold winter months, preventing ants from establishing their colonies near to your house.

Once insects are centrally located near your home, it is only a matter of time until they find a hole they can enter through, ensuring trouble for your family and woodwork.

Seal Up Entrances

As you are cleaning up around your home’s exterior this spring, pay close attention to the areas around your windows and doors, looking for cracks in their seals as well as holes in screens. Sealing up cracks and replacing screens will help to keep bugs at bay, warding off insects from the interior of your home.

Use a Dehumidifier

The summer heat causes many basements to get damp, creating the perfect breeding ground for insects like silverfish. Remove excess moisture and prevent these creepy crawlers from enjoying your space with a dehumidifier. Also take some time to clean up boxes around the basement to eliminate dark hiding spots critters would like to hide in.

Call An Exterminator

For an extra layer of protection from insect pests, Comfort Pest Control offers exterior barrier applications as needed. Available in the spring, summer and fall months, give us a call at 716-366-2120 to let us know what type of protection you need and we will provide it!

Is Your Home at Risk for Pest Infestation? [Infographic]

From an uncovered chimney to a loose seal on one of your windows, there are endless ways for pests to make their way into your home. And with ants, bats, rats, termites and more living in the Dunkirk, New York area, there are a wide variety of critters that could be residing inside your attic, walls or basement.

Not only are these pests a nuisance to deal with, but they can also cause incredible damage to the structure of your home; damage that is not usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance! So whether you have noticed your cupboards being disturbed or have heard a strange scratching noise at night, calling an exterminator is your first line of defense against your potential pest problem.

Serving Dunkirk and the surrounding towns for more than twenty years, Comfort Pest Control uses the most advanced methods available to handle your insect and rodent pest problems. Visit us online to learn more about the services we offer and contact us right away at 716-366-2120 if you are facing a pest invasion.

Why Should You Hire a Pest Control Company?

dead cockroachSpring has finally sprung here in Dunkirk, New York and now that the warm weather is here, creepy crawly critters of all kinds will be making their way out of their winter nests to wreak havoc on your home. A pest infestation is one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner has to deal with, and it is even more difficult when you have to handle it alone. Instead of spending the season fending off carpenter ants and spiders, hire a pest control company to handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Find the Source

Sure, you can set rat traps and hang flypaper on your own, but can you find the source of your infestation to ensure that the pests that have made their way into your home can’t get back again? With the help of an exterminator you can rid of the bugs or rodents that are bothering you now and make sure that they won’t be back again. From a hole in the siding of your garage to an open chimney, there are endless avenues that pests may take to get indoors.

Identify and Eliminate the Pest

With years of experience, pest control specialists are able to figure out exactly what critter is bothering your family with ease, quickly getting to the root of the problem and using the right type of bait to get the job done. This knowledge ensures that the correct chemicals are used at the proper dosage, location and time to ensure the best results.

Keep You Healthy

From cockroaches to rats and ticks, many pests carry diseases and bacteria that can make you and your family ill. They can also contaminate your food and trigger allergic reactions, making it extremely important to exterminate pests as soon as their presence is known.

Instead of attempting to handle a pest problem on your own, contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 at the first sign of infestation. Our expert team of workers will help you to solve the problem in a professional and timely manner, allowing you to enjoy your spring and summer without having to worry about bugs!

Check for Pest Infestation during the Hunt for Your Next House

family looking at house for saleSpring is almost here, and as the weather warms up, more and more individuals begin to hunt for their dream home. From water in the basement to electrical problems, there are lots of things to consider when shopping for a house, which is why Comfort Pest Control likes to remind our customers to check for pest infestation before they buy. There are plenty of signs to look for, and the warm spring season is the perfect time to search, since bugs will be waking from hibernation and rodents will be out and about hunting for food.

Dead Bugs, Droppings and Nesting Evidence

One of the most noticeable signs of a pest infestation is the sighting of dead bugs or pest droppings in a home. Take some time to check behind appliances, on windowsills and in the basement for evidence. While one dead bug is no cause for concern, a few of the same type of bug is a sign that infestation is likely.

As you check for dead bugs and pest droppings, we also recommend paying close attention for nesting evidence like shredded paper. Used by many different rodents, nesting supplies are often found in attics, basements and the back of cabinets.

Odd Odors and Sounds

Most pests have a particular odor about them, and if you notice an odd, musty odor while walking through your next potential home, this could be a sign of pests. Especially if you are touring a home that hasn’t been lived in for a while, you will also want to keep your ears open for the sounds of rodents. Mice and rats often travel behind walls and under floorboard, and can be heard scurrying about if you listen carefully.

Holes, Grease Marks and Tracks

Signs of a pest infestation can also be found in a home’s yard, so take some extra time while checking out the backyards of your favorite houses. Review the foundation for holes, also looking for grease marks and tracks. Rodents like mice and rats tend to follow the same paths, and if they have been frequenting an area, their presence will be easy to spot.

Experiencing a pest infestation in the Dunkirk, New York area? Don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Pest Control for help at 716-366-2120.

Have You Found Carpenter Ants This Winter?

carpenter ants indoorsThe sight of carpenter ants inside your home during the winter is never a good thing, as the weather is much too cold and the snow much too treacherous for them to have made their way in from the outdoors. So what does the appearance of these creepy, crawly creatures mean? You may be facing an infestation.

Where Are the Carpenter Arts Coming From?

If you find carpenter ants inside your home during the cold winter months, chances are that they were already dwelling inside – in door frames, windowsills and other areas where moist wood can be found. And while colonies of ants hibernate throughout the winter, the odd sunny day or heat from a fireplace or furnace can cause them to wake up, thinking it is spring. It is when the colony residing in your home accidentally awakes that you will catch a few insects skittering about in search of food.

How Can You Stop Carpenter Ants?

Especially during the winter months, it can be difficult to find a colony of carpenter ants residing in your home. Since so few of the insects are out and about, and fluctuating temperatures are putting them back to sleep, you may not be able to distinguish where they are coming from, which is why it is important to call an exterminator.

Able to cause an exponential amount of structural damage, it is important to stop carpenter ants in their tracks as soon as you see them – even if there is snow on the ground. If you have found these insects in your Dunkirk area home, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 for help.

Prevent Bats from Entering Your Home

bat hanging A strange and unique mammal that flies through the night snacking on bugs, the bat has earned a bad reputation for being a dangerous and frightening creature that will suck your blood or land in your hair. In all actuality, bats are just as afraid of us as we are of them. Which means it is extremely unlikely that you will find one flapping around your living room when you get home from work.

You may, however, find a bat nestled up in your attic, enjoying the warmth, dark and safety that your home provides – especially during the winter.

Seal Your Home

To prevent bats from roosting in your attic, the first thing that you should do is check for cracks and gaps in your roofing. Bats can squeeze their way into extremely small holes, so don’t skip over and spots when sealing your home up. Once a colony of bats have made their way inside, sealing the cracks up will only force them to find another way out, usually leading to a swarm of terrified critters flying around your house.

Cover the Chimney

Bats are also known to take up residence in chimneys, which can easily lead to a furry, flying creature interrupting your dinner when it mistakenly flies all the way into the house. To prevent from this scare, we recommend installing a chimney cover which will keep out bats and any other pests that try to make their way inside. The winter is the most common time for pests to venture indoors, since our homes offer a warm escape from the snow and freezing temperatures outside.

Look for Warning Signs

Whether you had a run in with a bat in your house or think you have heard wings flapping above your head, check for warning signs and call an exterminator right away. While bats are not vicious creatures, they can be carriers of diseases like rabies and Histoplasmosis.

Bats are extremely quiet creatures, and the most common sign you will find is the droppings that will accumulate where they are entering your house. If you see evidence of bats in your Dunkirk area home, contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120.

Tips for Raccoon-Proofing Your Home

raccoon in garbageWhen most people think of pest control, they think of ants, spiders and the occasional mouse or rat. Animals like raccoons are also known to cause problems, especially as the weather gets chilly and they start looking for a cozy place to escape the snow. Nocturnal critters that make themselves at home in attics and under porches, raccoons are also the wild animal most commonly carrying rabies. The first line of defense against these pests is prevention. Raccoons love squeezing down chimneys and raiding the garbage, so take the proper steps to keep them out of your home and yard.

Close Off the Chimney

As you head to the roof to clean out gutters and hang Christmas lights this December, we recommend covering your chimney with a chimney cap as well. These covers will prevent raccoons from gaining access to your home while allowing smoke to escape when you light a fire. You can also trim back branches on nearby trees to keep pests off of your roof altogether.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Raccoons have been known to enter homes through a variety of spaces, including vents and holes as small as a baseball. Take some time to inspect the outside of your home for cracks and holes in the foundation and soffits, fixing those that you come across to prevent unwanted guests from sneaking inside. Install screens to cover outdoor vents as well, checking them regularly to make sure no one has broken through.

Properly Seal Trash Cans

From dog food to garbage, raccoons are scavengers that will eat almost anything! If your trash cans are being tipped over and raided in the evenings, place a brick on top of each can, switch to ones that lock shut or start keeping them in your (well sealed) garage. If raccoons are unable to get into your home and garbage, they will move on to somewhere they can gain access to.

If you see signs of damage to the outside of your Dunkirk, New York home or hear the critters moving about in your attic, call Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 today. Our technicians are available at all times for all of your pest emergencies.

Keep Stink Bugs from Invading Your Home this Winter

stink bug infestationA common pest across the country, stink bugs are often spotted in homes as the weather grows cooler in the fall months. As winter approaches, stink bugs head toward our warm abodes to find a cozy place to hide from the snow and freezing temperatures. Named for the smelly odor that they emanate, the stink bug is rather large in size, making them a quite the nuisance for homeowners. While you may not see many stink bugs during the winter, they will pop their heads up on warm days and will come out in full force as the grass begins popping up through the snow next spring. Luckily, there are a few preventative steps that can be taken to keep stink bugs and other winter pests out of your home.

Seal Up Cracks and Crevices

The easiest way to keep stink bugs out of your house this winter is to seal up any cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home. Pests can weasel their way into even the smallest of spaces, so take some time to walk the perimeter of your home this fall, paying special attention to the cracks around your doors and windows. Seal these spaces up with caulk or weather stripping to prevent further infestation. Also remember to seal your attic up tight, placing a cover on the chimney and using screens to cover vents. Once your home is sealed up tight, it is time to deal with the critters that have already made their way indoors.

Don’t Squish the Bugs

The worst thing about the stink bug is the odor it emits when killed. Instead of squishing these bugs like you would with any other insect pest, we recommend catching them and flushing them down the toilet or vacuuming them up. If you choose to use a vacuum, be sure changing the bag immediately after use to prevent odors from clinging to your machine. Also, throw the used bag in the trash outside to keep the stench away from your home.

If you are experiencing a stink bug infestation this fall, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Pest Control. Located in Dunkirk, New York, our phone number is 716-366-2120.