Don’t Fall for Autumn Insects

Our world is filled with little creatures searching for protection as the temperatures outside get colder. It is important to know what insects to watch out for as the season changes and the insects seek shelter, often times in our gardens and our homes.

1) Yellow Jackets – Yellow jackets are notorious for surfacing in autumn. They spend the summer building up their colony and as the weather cools, they are forced to abandon their nest and that is why we see so many of them as temperatures drop. They are eager to gather food and they aggressively prepare for winter. However, the majority of the worker bees don’t make it through winter months. Some of the queens will last through the winter if they find appropriate shelter in buildings or tree bark, which is why it’s important to keep them away from your home.

2) Bagworms – Bagworms are a type of caterpillar that become plentiful in the fall, especially in gardens. They are only about 2.5 inches long and brown or black in color. They typically find refuge in evergreen branches or hanging onto the bottom of porches once autumn hits. They spin a spindle-shaped bag around themselves as a shield to protect them from predators and elements.

63089055 - brown stink bug in kyoto, japan3) Stink Bugs – Stink bugs exist throughout the summer months but they start searching for shelter when the temperatures drop, as many insects do. In the fall, they are constantly seeking out homes and hiding places. They seek shelter within the walls of houses and they go after soft fruits and produce, which are typically found in our kitchens making the kitchen a big target for stink bugs. Stink bug infestations increase when crops have been harvested, which is why they start to invade in the fall.

4) Slugs – Slugs become a pressing issue in the fall, especially for gardens.  Slugs lay sixty percent of their eggs in the fall, making them an active insect as the seasons change. They seek out fruits, vegetables, and pansy petals. Slugs desire dark and moist places, otherwise they would die from getting dried out. Water your garden earlier in the day so it is not inviting for slugs once night falls.

These are just a few of the insects that give us issues in the fall. If you believe that you have an insect or pest problem and need assistance handling it, contact Comfort Pest Control and learn how we can take care of it for you.

Traveling This Summer? Here is What You Need to Know about the Zika Virus

mosquito While the chances of the Zika virus spreading to Western New York are incredibly low, the passing of Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of mosquito season across the United States. And this has left many individuals nervous about mosquitoes and the possibility of contracting this disease – which is currently making its way throughout South and Central America.

According to this study by Vox, the virus is not yet transmitting in mosquitoes in the United States, although there have been a few cases in individuals who have recently returned from tropical vacations.

As of right now, Zika can be found only in the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, and one of scientists biggest concerns about infection in the US is that Aedes Albopictus (the Asian tiger mosquito) will also pick up the virus. A mosquito that has a much larger range across the country, this could increase the virus’ spread exponentially.

States most at risk include Florida, Texas and Hawaii. Small clusters of outbreaks are a concern in these areas, but luckily, screened windows and air conditioning units will help to keep mosquitoes out of homes.

As of right now, vacationers within the continental United States do not have to worry about contracting the Zika virus, but those leaving the country should review this traveler’s guide created by the CDC.

On top of their ability to carry diseases like the Zika virus, mosquitoes are an incredibly annoying pest whose bite leaves you itchy for days. To keep mosquitoes at bay this summer, Comfort Pest Control recommends keeping the area directly surrounding your home free of moisture, standing water and shade.

For more information on our summer pest control services, contact us by phone at 716-908-2475.

Four Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Company

ant pest controlFrom carpenter ants to bald-face hornets and yellow jackets, there are many different summer insect pests that can make their way into your home. And while you may think that you can eradicate these bugs on your own, they can be more difficult to defeat than you would think!

To keep your family and home safe against infestations, we always recommend calling a professional exterminator right away.

Find the Problem’s Source

Instead of just exterminating the pests currently plaguing your home, a pest control company can find the source of your problem to ensure that further infestations do not occur. Whether they are searching for a carpenter ant nest or a gap in your siding that is allowing hornets inside, an experienced professional can solve your pest control problem quickly and efficiently.

Save Time

Trying different pest control products and searching for the source of your problem is a time consuming process, so why not leave the tough work to the professionals?

A pest control company can defeat the insects invading your home much more quickly than you can hope to do on your own, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful summer season with your family without any further pest-related worries.

Avoid Further Damage

Working with a pest control company will ensure the complete elimination of pests in your home – pests that can do a lot of damage inside your walls! Carpenter ants and termites especially can create safety concerns. And fixing structural damage can become much more costly than working with an exterminator.

Protect Your Health

Beyond being a huge nuisance, many pests that make their way inside our homes can cause health problems. From allergic reactions to salmonella poisoning, there are many different health concerns to worry about when facing a pest infestation.

Instead of trying to handle your summer pest problem on your own, contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 at the first sign of invading insects. Our professional team has years of experience dealing with pests in the Dunkirk, New York area and is ready to face any pest problem you may have this season!

The Bedbug Traveler

bedbugTraveler is a word used for something that moves around a lot. Unfortunately, the particular traveler we are talking about is not a wanted guest.

With multiple ways to move from one place to another, the bedbug has become a traveler both across the United States and worldwide. This insect’s ability to squeeze into so many small seams and gaps makes it almost impossible to know one has hitched a ride with you. And the worst part about this traveler is that it is hardly even noticed until several weeks after you have returned from your trip.

Bedbugs love dark places until it is time to feed and can be found hiding in a bed, couch, chair, bus terminal seat, movie theater seat or any other location that someone can be expected to sit for an extended period of time.

The bedbug can sense the air a person blows out of their mouth or nose and follows this flow of carbon dioxide to their next meal. No, you can’t hold your breath and hope they will go away. These are persistent insects that will not leave even if you aren’t home for a few days or weeks. They will just wait for your return.

The only solution to a bedbug problem is to get to the source and start suppressing the bugs’ ability to feed. Closely follow a prep sheet on resolving the issue and contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 and they will set up a plan that will solve the problem.

As they always say: Sweet dreams and don’t let the bedbugs bite!