Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Along for the Ride

Most people cringe at the worAvoid Bringing Bed Bugs Along for the Rided “bed bug” and the majority of people fear having an infestation of this pest, rightfully so. You have to have your entire home treated if you end up with bed bugs.

If you’re careful, there are lots of ways you can lower the risk of transferring bedbugs from an infested building into your home.


However, following these tips might help you to avoid bringing bedbugs along for the ride.

If you travel often for leisure or for work, staying in hotel rooms is unavoidable. Even if you are staying in a five star hotel, bedbugs can still happen. If you are worried that a hotel might be infested, or you just want to be cautious, pack your belongings in trash bags inside your suitcase, keeping them closed during the day. That will prevent anything from hitching a ride home with you on your clothes.

When you check into a hotel, check the bed for signs of bedbugs: this might include seeing the bugs (they’re usually the size of apple seeds or smaller so that can be hard to do), check around the corners of the mattress where they tend to gather, and inspect any spots that might look like dirt or ground pepper.

If you see anything suspicious, ask to change rooms immediately, and go at least two floors away. If you see bugs and are certain of it, leave the hotel.

Keep your luggage on a table, away from any bedding while you’re inspecting the room. You can also leave it in the bathroom, since bedbugs don’t typically venture into them because they have no upholstery.

Store your suitcase in the garage, attic, or basement after a trip. Do not leave luggage under your bed where it is close to your mattress.

If you think you have bedbugs in your home, you should immediately call an expert. Contact Comfort Pest Control to handle the situation for you.

Signs That You Have a Bed Bug Problem

Signs of Bed Bugs


When it comes to bed bugs, there are some horror stories out there. Some people spend weeks, months, or even years trying to shake off the pests. Because of the trouble that a bed bug infestation causes, people can be understandably paranoid about whether or not they might have one. Here are a few of the most common signs that bed bugs might be too close for comfort:



Bed bug bites will leave small red marks on the skin. Because they mostly come out to feed only at night, bites are most likely to be on parts of the body that are exposed while sleeping. They are quite small and can be difficult to spot, but many times an allergic reaction will lead to redness in the area of the bite. Even though bed bugs are bad news, don’t panic too much—bed bugs aren’t known to transmit diseases the way other pests do.


The odor of bed bugs has been commonly described as sweet, pungent, and rancid. However, most bug experts agree that it is usually too difficult for unseasoned nostrils to detect bed bug activity. In fact, if you do smell an odor like the one we described, get far, far away—you most likely have an extreme infestation on your hands.

Dark Spots

When it comes to covering their tracks, bed bugs are known to be a little careless about leaving their fecal matter around. If you see small reddish-brown dots or streaks on bedding or nearby surfaces, it’s time to have your place looked at. This is also a good thing to look out for when checking into hotels that seem a bit sketchy.


Like their excrement, bed bugs are known to leave their old skin lying around as well. They also lay white, sticky eggs, which are unfortunately very difficult to spot.


If you’re in Jamestown, Dunkirk, or surrounding areas and suspect that you might have a bed bug problem on your hands, have Comfort Pest Control come out and take a look.


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