Comfort Pest Control: Seasonal Maintenance Programs for Ants and Spiders

Seasonal Maintenance for Ants and SpidersDid you ever notice that when the temperature changes in and around the outside of the house Carpenter Ants and Pavement Ants start to appear from all directions in the house and it might be the middle of winter? This means there is a nest inside the structure that has emerged from dormancy which needs attention.

For the home that seems to incur an onslaught of pest activity at certain times of year, a seasonal maintenance program can be the most efficient and effective way to address problem. Ant and spider populations go through natural cycles, especially profound in highly seasonal areas like Western, NY. Seasonal Maintenance Programs allow you to beat pests to the punch, eliminating unwelcome house guests before the situation gets out of control, requiring more drastic measures.

Carpenter Ants and Pavement Ants, the two most common types of ants in Western New York, form mating swarms each year. This occurs sometime between late spring and early summer. After mating, the males die and the queens embark on a search for a good nesting spot. Most are killed in the process, but when a queen survives, she begins laying eggs that will eventually turn into workers. They begin foraging for food, quite possibly in your home, and their numbers continue to grow until the nest dies off for the most part. Ants survive the winter by burying themselves deep underground or, in the worst case, in the wood that makes up your home.

The seasonal activity of spiders is different. Because they are dependent on other insects for food, their populations grow or shrink accordingly. Outdoor spiders tend to reproduce most in the Spring, growing throughout the Summer. At the end of the Summer, the mature offspring, attracted by increased moisture and the prospects of a mate, tend to find their way into the home in larger numbers.

In the cases of both ants and spiders, interrupting their seasonal and reproductive activity can be extremely effective in preventing a home infestation. At Comfort Pest Control, we have an intimate understanding of the behavior of pests, including where to find their source. If you’re in the Western New York or Northwestern Pennsylvania area and need an exterminator to address a pest problem before it gets out of control, contact Comfort Pest Control today.