Are Bats Dangerous?

BatsBats are deeply entrenched as dangerous and scary creatures in our culture. Long associated with vampires and a thirst for blood, the sound of wings flapping on a dark night is enough to send chills down just about anyone’s spine.

But are they actually all that dangerous? The answer is a little bit complicated.

Unlike Dracula, and similar to many pests, most bats don’t really want anything to do with you. They don’t particularly like being around people. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t find your home to be a great nesting spot. Most of the time, bats will choose a space like the attic, entering through holes in the roof. A quick internet search for “bat infestation” will reveal a potentially horrifying series of images—don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bats can certainly cause damage to a home, especially in large numbers. But when it comes to human interaction, it’s not necessarily a bat’s sharp teeth that are harmful, but the diseases they can potentially pass on. These diseases, like rabies and Histoplasmosis, are rare even in bats. However, both are fatal.

Most nature buffs will tell you that bats are actually incredibly useful and important neighbors. Actually, they are exterminators much like us, emerging at night to feast on insects that are pests in their own right. Still, no one wants bats flying around when they go to the attic for an old box of holiday decorations. That’s why it’s wise to monitor potential nesting spots like your attic. Make sure that openings from all directions are covered, even if it seems like it would be impossible for a bat to enter.

If you’re in the Western New York area, and you have a bat problem, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Pest Control. While bats may not be as sinister and dangerous as popular folklore suggests, an unwanted infestation should be dealt with quickly and properly.


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