Prevent Bats from Entering Your Home

bat hanging A strange and unique mammal that flies through the night snacking on bugs, the bat has earned a bad reputation for being a dangerous and frightening creature that will suck your blood or land in your hair. In all actuality, bats are just as afraid of us as we are of them. Which means it is extremely unlikely that you will find one flapping around your living room when you get home from work.

You may, however, find a bat nestled up in your attic, enjoying the warmth, dark and safety that your home provides – especially during the winter.

Seal Your Home

To prevent bats from roosting in your attic, the first thing that you should do is check for cracks and gaps in your roofing. Bats can squeeze their way into extremely small holes, so don’t skip over and spots when sealing your home up. Once a colony of bats have made their way inside, sealing the cracks up will only force them to find another way out, usually leading to a swarm of terrified critters flying around your house.

Cover the Chimney

Bats are also known to take up residence in chimneys, which can easily lead to a furry, flying creature interrupting your dinner when it mistakenly flies all the way into the house. To prevent from this scare, we recommend installing a chimney cover which will keep out bats and any other pests that try to make their way inside. The winter is the most common time for pests to venture indoors, since our homes offer a warm escape from the snow and freezing temperatures outside.

Look for Warning Signs

Whether you had a run in with a bat in your house or think you have heard wings flapping above your head, check for warning signs and call an exterminator right away. While bats are not vicious creatures, they can be carriers of diseases like rabies and Histoplasmosis.

Bats are extremely quiet creatures, and the most common sign you will find is the droppings that will accumulate where they are entering your house. If you see evidence of bats in your Dunkirk area home, contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120.