Possible Poinsettia Pests

During the holiday season, many pPoinsettia Pestseople purchase a poinsettia plant for their home. They are festive and a true indication of the holiday season for many people. However, a poinsettia plant can carry pests and insects into your home.

There are many parts of a poinsettia plant that can help feed and nourish pests which is why many pests rely on the plants. From the grower of the poinsettia to the greenhouse they are harvested in, these plants are often carrying a variety of bugs and insects.

Common pests found within poinsettia plants include whiteflies, thrips, adphids, leafminers, and fungus gnats. Here is some of the damage these pests can cause:

Spider Mites

These pests will suck the sap from the leaves, making the leaves of the poinsettia plant appear stippled with a white web of silk around them. 

White Flies

White flies will consume all parts of the poinsettia plants, specifically the leaves, causing the plant to turn yellow and dry out.


Adphids often leave behind a sticky liquid residue on the underside of the plants leaves that will cause the leaves to have dark and black mold on their underside.


Pests such as poinsettia hornworms often chew small holes through leaves or web the leaves together to form protective tunnels.

Before you purchase a poinsettia plant from the store, you should inspect the underside of your poinsettia leaves to make sure that your house poinsettia is not infected by pests prior to purchasing.

If you do notice a sign of infestation on your poinsettia plant, shake your plant around outdoors to dislodge any pests that might be lingering within it. You can also dampen a cloth or sponge with water and dish soap to clean off the leaves to remove any potential pests.

If you do notice pest issues in your home this winter, contact Comfort Pest Control to take care of it for you.