Control Services

Comfort Pest Control provides a wide variety of pest removal services in Buffalo to kill pests that are disrupting your home or business and stop them from returning. There are thousands of different pest species that may invade your home or business, and our services are customized to deal with the specific pest affecting you. Whether you have a pest problem that has gotten out of hand and you want to stop it immediately, or you are looking for regular pest control services to stop troublesome pests before they start, we can help.

Our exterminators work indoors and outdoors around both homes and businesses to get rid of troublesome and potentially harmful pests. When populations of ants, bees, wasps, cockroaches, spiders, mice, rats and even birds or bats have gotten out of control, we provide extermination services to remove the pests and their offspring from their nesting areas. We also provide regular maintenance services such as power washing and preventative applications to stop pests before they start. Our business services are certified to meet AIB standards for food handling establishments, schools, warehouses and other sites. Finally, we also help you keep your yard looking beautiful with lawn care and weed control services.

Learn more about our pest removal services in Buffalo. If you have a strange pest in your home, a serious problem, or you want to prevent pests right away, call us at 716-366-2120.

Services Overview:

  • Residential Control of unwanted pests such as ants, bats, bees, birds, mice, rats, silverfish, spiders, yellowjackets and more.
  • Maintenance Programs to homes and businesses to eliminate unwanted pest from entering.
  • Perimeter applications and peak to foundation applications are a great way to provide peak infestation control to your establishment.
  • Weed Control to eliminate unsightly overgrown areas and to help eliminate rodents and insects from reproducing in these areas and entering the structure.
  • Insect Identification can be arranged so we can determine what services or remedy is needed to solve your problem.
  • Technican availability is 24/7.
  • Emergency Calls are handled on an individual case basis.

Types of Services Performed:

  • Monthly Service and inspections to all Food Handling Establishments as well as Commercial and Industrial businesses.
  • Residential and Industrial Service calls for any type of insect, rodent or nusiance wildlife problem.
  • Residual applications on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. Service tailored to your pest control needs.
  • Interior and Exterior Rodent programs utilizing mechanical and rodenticide applications with tamper resistant stations to eliminate non-target pests.
  • AIB standard programs set up for Food Handling Establishments, Schools, Warehouses, Food Processing Plants and Industrial Sites.