Pest Control and Children’s Allergies

When you find insect or rodent pests in your home, your first concern is obviously the health, safety and general comfort of your family.

And if your immediate reaction is like that of most individuals, it is to search the internet for answers. Chances are, one of the first tidbits of information you will come across is that certain pests can have an effect on allergies and asthma, especially in children.

This is indeed true, as mice and rats are both known for carrying allergens that can make children incredibly ill. The dander and feces of rodents are incredibly problematic to individuals with asthma and allergies, making it all the more important to rid your home of their presence as soon as you discover them.

How can you tell if you have a rodent or pest infestation in your home?

The first, and oftentimes most obvious sign, is that of droppings or torn food packaging.

Another pest that can worsen allergies in children is the cockroach. The saliva, exoskeleton and feces of this creature all carry allergens known to trigger reactions in humans. Known to make their homes in dark places, cockroaches – and their feces – are most likely to be found in the back of the cabinets, pipes and furniture of infested homes.

With more than just your home’s appearance at risk, it is incredibly important to contact an exterminator as soon as you notice a pest infestation.

For families in need of pest control in the Dunkirk area, Comfort Pest Control is here to help. Whether you are facing rodents or insects, our experienced team of professionals will handle the problem quickly and efficiently, once again making your home a safe place for you and your family to enjoy your time.

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