Maintaining the Exterior of the Perimeter of a Structure

family enjoying pest free yardMaintaining the area around your home or business is a key component of keeping carpenter ants, spiders, millipedes and several other invading pests at bay.

The bushes and limbs that touch a structure allow an avenue for pests to enter the building, so keeping a nice three foot barrier of low cut grass and removing all debris and weeds should be a starting point of your regular spring and summer maintenance.

Insects thrive in moist, shady areas, so use natural elements to your benefit, creating a dry, sunlit, brush-free area around the foundation of your residence.

The drainage coming off the home should be directed at least five or ten feet away, and don’t be afraid to use long gutter extensions to direct that water from the roof further from your home. Water is great for growth but not when it is standing along the perimeter of the structure. The spread of many diseases is associated with standing water and it can be a breeding ground for harmful, sometimes deadly mosquitos.

Along with a good pest control maintenance program, these tips will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by unwanted, creepy crawly guests this summer.

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