Japan Fights Insect Pests with the Agri Drone

droneA new way to fight off the insect pests that plague farms across Japan, the Agri Drone was developed by OPTiM IT firm and Saga University. Capable of spraying pesticides and using a suspended bug zapper, this drone has recently completed its first round of test.

The idea behind the drone is to use fewer pesticides on crops, spraying them only where – and when – they are needed. During the first round of testing Agri Drone was launched in the evening hours to protect soy and potato crops from congregating swarms of insects. Infrared and thermal cameras are employed to find these pests and then targeted doses of pesticides are used to eliminate them.

For farmers that want to avoid pesticides entirely, Agri Drone can even be equipped with a suspended bug zapper. It will then spot swarms of insects and fly above them, lights attracting them into the electrical current.

Throughout these early tests the drone was successful in finding and exterminating 50 different insect pests, showing just what a powerful tool it has the potential to become.

We at Comfort Pest Control are always interested to see what advancements are being made in the pest control field, and we look forward to seeing this drone make its mark in agriculture.

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