How to Prevent Bees From Residing on Your Property

Bees serve a very valuable purpose in this country. They are used to pollinate many of the crops that grow and provide us all with food. But unfortunately, bees can turn into a real nuisance and, at times, present problems for homeowners when they build their nests in and around homes. For that reason, you should take preventative steps to keep bees away. Here are just a few ways to do it.

Seal Holes in Your Home and in Any Structures on Your Property

Bees only need holes that are about a quarter of an inch wide in order to work their way into a structure. So if you have any holes, even tiny holes, in decking material or near the roofline of your home, you should have them sealed in the spring before bees have a chance to move in. You should walk around the outside of your home and check for any potential entry points that bees can use to work their way in and get rid of them. You should also check for entry points in sheds and other structures that you have in your backyard.

Reduce the Clutter that Exists in Your Yard

Bees will usually look for entry points in homes, sheds, and other structures first, but if they are unsuccessful, they will move on and look at any clutter that exists in your yard to build a nest. They have been known to build nests underneath of lawn equipment, inside of unused appliances, and more. Bees are not particularly picky about where they put their nests, so you need to be diligent about removing clutter that could potentially be used by bees.

Contact an Exterminator to Remove Hives Safely

If you notice a beehive on your property, you need to have an exterminator come out to get rid of it immediately. Bee colonies can grow quickly, and if you aren’t careful, a small nest can lead to hundreds of bees swarming around in no time. Rather than putting yourself in danger by trying to take down a beehive yourself, let a professional handle it. It’s especially important to get rid of honeycombs since they can attract more bees in the future if they are left intact.

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