How to Keep Pests Away This Summer

Have you noticed there seems to be more bugs out and about this summer? That’s because Western New York had a warmer winter than normal. All those bugs are looking for food and water.

Summer pests are annoying. The main ones are ants, mosquitoes, fleas, flies and roaches. What can you do to prevent them from calling your home their home? Generally, bugs look for dark, damp places, as well as cracks, holes, and “ways in” to get to food and water sources.

Take ants, for example. They tend to show up in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else there’s water in the house. If you have a messy kitchen, with pieces of food on the floor and/or countertops, that stuff attracts ants. A good idea is to do your best to keep all your food in sealed containers, thus not giving ants a chance to eat your stuff. If you have a trashcan indoors, make sure you empty it out regularly, especially when it contains rotting pieces of food. If you have a leaky faucet, fix it. Don’t let open water sit in your sinks or tubs.

Mosquitoes seem to love certain people and avoid others. Ideally, you want to be one whom they avoid. Did you know mosquitoes feed on blood from humans and pets, though? You can wear mosquito repellant indoors and/or outdoors to ward them off. Meanwhile, eliminate any standing sources of water in, at, near or around your house. Something as simple as moving the bird bath off the back deck can steer mosquitoes away from you.

Fleas like warmer temperatures and they like pets. If you have a dog, give your dog preventative flea medication. Also, bathe your pet dog or cat regularly. Keep your bed and their bed clean. Wash things like blankets and pillowcases often in the summertime, and vacuum the house at least once a week.

As for pesky flies, the best way to keep them out of your house is to avoid leaving the doors and/or windows open, allowing them inside. If you keep garbage cans near your house or in your garage, you might want to think of moving them further from the house during the summer, as flies flock to garbage.

Finally, there are the dreaded roaches. Known to eat almost anything, they tend to be seen in people’s kitchens and bathrooms– the rooms where there are faucets, sinks and tubs. The more dry you can keep these rooms, the less likely you will be to see roaches. However, if you do spot one, chances are there are hundreds more nearby!

If and when you do get too many bugs in your vicinity and want them gone, contact Comfort Pest Control of Dunkirk, NY, at 716-366-2120.