Have You Found Carpenter Ants This Winter?

carpenter ants indoorsThe sight of carpenter ants inside your home during the winter is never a good thing, as the weather is much too cold and the snow much too treacherous for them to have made their way in from the outdoors. So what does the appearance of these creepy, crawly creatures mean? You may be facing an infestation.

Where Are the Carpenter Arts Coming From?

If you find carpenter ants inside your home during the cold winter months, chances are that they were already dwelling inside – in door frames, windowsills and other areas where moist wood can be found. And while colonies of ants hibernate throughout the winter, the odd sunny day or heat from a fireplace or furnace can cause them to wake up, thinking it is spring. It is when the colony residing in your home accidentally awakes that you will catch a few insects skittering about in search of food.

How Can You Stop Carpenter Ants?

Especially during the winter months, it can be difficult to find a colony of carpenter ants residing in your home. Since so few of the insects are out and about, and fluctuating temperatures are putting them back to sleep, you may not be able to distinguish where they are coming from, which is why it is important to call an exterminator.

Able to cause an exponential amount of structural damage, it is important to stop carpenter ants in their tracks as soon as you see them – even if there is snow on the ground. If you have found these insects in your Dunkirk area home, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Pest Control at 716-366-2120 for help.