Getting to Know Garter Snakes

Many people are really afraid of snakes, and if you live in a region where you mGetting to Know Garter Snakesight find them in your garden or yard, you likely panic at the sight of it.

Snakes can be an intimidating pest and they have a bit of a reputation for being creepy. However, the most common Snake in the United States, the garter snake, poses as no threat to humans.

A common garden snake, known as a garter snake, is plentiful in America. Since it is highly adaptable and can live in many different habitats, you may find one in sunny California and another one in blustery Buffalo. The “Eastern Garter Snake” is a snake commonly found in Western New York.

Garter snakes are typically a greenish brown or a dark brown, and they usually have stripes running the length of their bodies. They are often found in moist fields and meadows, lawns, gardens, and other areas with plenty of moisture.

Garter snakes can produce venom that will paralyze small prey but it does not affect humans. Regardless, garter snakes might bite you if provoked though which is why you should not attempt to pick them up if you come across one.

If you see a garter snake in your yard, it isn’t necessarily a pressing issue. They can often be spotted slithering through the grass. However, if you find one in your home or you find several on a regular basis in your garden, you should seek a professional onion.

Garter snakes migrate when the weather gets cold, so they’ll likely be heading back to Western New York sometime soon. If you discover a nest of snakes on your property, have Comfort Pest Control take care of it.