silverfishIntroduction: Silverfish are ½ -1 inch long and are either silver or brown. Silverfish are often associated with moisture and move very fast and do not have wings.

Biology: Silverfish generally eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, but once inside will eat almost anything. Females can live up to 8 years and usually lay eggs in cracks and crevices from a couple to as many as 50 eggs, but will lay no more than 100 eggs during her lifecycle. If conditions are perfect, eggs can hatch in as little as two weeks, but could take as long as two months. In order for the female to produce eggs, she must mate after each molt. Because of slow mating process, populations tend to be small in size.

Habits: Silverfish like to live in moist areas such as: under rocks, bark or in bird nests. Silverfish if found indoors are often found trapped inside the sink or bathtub. Silverfish do no structural damage to homes, but consider to be a nuisance if found inside by homeowners. Silverfish can live up to one year without feeding.