Norway Rats

ratIntroduction: Rats have origin to Asia and were first found in the United States in the late 1700’s. Norway rats are brownish in color and are 13 to 18 inches long including the tail. This particular rat is also known as the brown rat or sewer rat.

Biology: Rats generally have litters of 6-12 and reach sexual maturity within three months. Rats will mate in the spring and fall and females are capable of having six litters per year. The average life expectancy of a Norway rat is 2 years, but most don’t live past one year. Rats are capable of entering a structure through gaps as small as one half inch. These rats have exceptional sense of taste, hearing and smell, but extremely poor vision. Rats are often discovered inside the structure from things that they have gnawed into or large piles of droppings.

Habits: Norway rats will eat almost anything, but prefer meats and grain. When feeding on dry food rats must have at least one ounce of water. These rats climb almost any structure to either find food or a harborage area. Norway rats are very strong swimmers and have been known for entering a structure through the toilet. When searching for food Norway rats generally stay within 150 feet of their nest, but in rare occasions will travel as far as 300 feet for food. They will gnaw on almost anything with their extremely sharp teeth