miceIntroduction: The adult house mouse will range in size from 7 inches to 10 inches long, including the tail. The color of the house mouse varies from a light brown to black. The droppings are black and have a very strong odor. Mice are most active at night, however can still been seen during the day.

Biology: The house mouse has origin to central Asia and was brought to the United State on ships when the country was first settled. This particular mouse likes to eat all types of grain products, but have been known to nibble on just above anything. Mice do drink water, but a very small amount is needed to survive. Mice can get through voids the size of ¼ of any inch and this makes mice very difficult to control. Mice reproduce very quickly. A female mouse will have litters anywhere from 5-10 per year with each litter yielding 5-6 mice. The new born is sexually mature in about ten weeks and live up to one year.

Habits: Mice love to chew on just about anything and have very sharp teeth. Mice are very good climbers, jumpers, swimmers, and can use all of their senses very well. Mice are active year round, but less active in colder weather. The house mouse adjusts very well to changing conditions and will often live in close quarters with humans.