German Roach

roach2Introduction: German roaches are light brown to medium brown in color. They range in size from 1/2-5/8 of inch long. These insects do have wings, but almost never fly. Roaches have origin worldwide and are the most common pest problem encounter by humans. The Roach can adapt to almost any living conditions and have been on earth for over 300 million years.

Biology: The female roaches will carry their egg capsule until the egg is ready to hatch. Females can produce up to eight capsules in her lifetime, with each capsule containing 30 -48 nymphs. Females live roughly 6 months and the male a little less than that. Roaches are spread by human travel and multiply rapidly. Roaches will eat almost anything, but prefer foods high in starches and grease. The German roach secretions have a foul odor and the smell is overwhelming when the population is high.

Habits: Roaches are a nocturnal insect and hide during the day. If seen during the day population is normally quite large. Roaches live in cracks in molding, under refrigerators, inside stoves and in the voids of cabinets. Roaches need moisture to survive. Roaches are not known as a foraging insect and tend to feed close to their nesting site. Roaches will move or scatter very quickly when disturbed. These roaches are often associated with filthy living conditions in lower income housing.