fleaIntroduction: Adult fleas are generally 1/16-1/8 an inch long and are reddish brown in color. Fleas have three pairs of legs and do not have wings. Fleas are very good jumpers.

Biology: Fleas have piercing-sucking mouth parts. Their bites are rarely felt and are usually associated with a rash or a swollen spot that may be itchy or possibly raised. Flea bites are typically found around the ankles of an individual.

Habits: In order to live, adult fleas need a blood meal and are unable to lay eggs until a blood meal is taken. Adult fleas are capable of living up to one year without a blood meal. Shortly after a blood meal females lay their eggs. They can lay anywhere between 15-20 eggs per day and can lay as many 600 in a lifetime. Most fleas will hibernate over the winter in the larval stage. Fleas have a complete life cycle which is egg, larva, pupa and adult. Flea populations grow best when the conditions are warm and moist.