Check for Pest Infestation during the Hunt for Your Next House

family looking at house for saleSpring is almost here, and as the weather warms up, more and more individuals begin to hunt for their dream home. From water in the basement to electrical problems, there are lots of things to consider when shopping for a house, which is why Comfort Pest Control likes to remind our customers to check for pest infestation before they buy. There are plenty of signs to look for, and the warm spring season is the perfect time to search, since bugs will be waking from hibernation and rodents will be out and about hunting for food.

Dead Bugs, Droppings and Nesting Evidence

One of the most noticeable signs of a pest infestation is the sighting of dead bugs or pest droppings in a home. Take some time to check behind appliances, on windowsills and in the basement for evidence. While one dead bug is no cause for concern, a few of the same type of bug is a sign that infestation is likely.

As you check for dead bugs and pest droppings, we also recommend paying close attention for nesting evidence like shredded paper. Used by many different rodents, nesting supplies are often found in attics, basements and the back of cabinets.

Odd Odors and Sounds

Most pests have a particular odor about them, and if you notice an odd, musty odor while walking through your next potential home, this could be a sign of pests. Especially if you are touring a home that hasn’t been lived in for a while, you will also want to keep your ears open for the sounds of rodents. Mice and rats often travel behind walls and under floorboard, and can be heard scurrying about if you listen carefully.

Holes, Grease Marks and Tracks

Signs of a pest infestation can also be found in a home’s yard, so take some extra time while checking out the backyards of your favorite houses. Review the foundation for holes, also looking for grease marks and tracks. Rodents like mice and rats tend to follow the same paths, and if they have been frequenting an area, their presence will be easy to spot.

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