Why Do Mice Come in Your Home in the Summer?

Mice in the HouseThere are many homeowners who believe that mice will only invade their houses during the winter. So they are surprised when they see a mouse scurrying across their kitchen floor in July or August. But the truth is that mice can and will come into your home at any time of the year, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Mice are after food, water, and shelter at all times, and that includes during the summer months. They are known for being invasive and they don’t discriminate when it comes to invading your home.

There are several reasons why you might find mice in your home during the summer. One is that you might already have mice located in a warmer part of your home that have relocated to a lower level. For example, there are some mice who will build nests in an attic during the wintertime and go undetected. They will then relocate to the first floor or even the basement once it starts to get hot out since the attic will quickly become too uncomfortable for them to survive.

There are also mice that will move right outside of your home to try and find cooler temperatures while still staying close enough to your home to come back in to get food, water, and shelter whenever they need it. These mice will often find their way into shrubs, mulch beds, and other areas right outside your front door. They will then find ways to get into your home whenever they are tired of being outside. It’s why it shouldn’t come as a huge shock when you see a mouse in your house in the summer.

Don’t let your guard down simply because summer is finally here. If you suspect that you might have a problem with mice, let Comfort Pest Control deal with it immediately. We can inspect the inside and outside of your home and find ways to eliminate mice from your property. Call us at 716-366-2120 today to set up a consultation with one of our pest control specialists.

Pest Control and Children’s Allergies

When you find insect or rodent pests in your home, your first concern is obviously the health, safety and general comfort of your family.

And if your immediate reaction is like that of most individuals, it is to search the internet for answers. Chances are, one of the first tidbits of information you will come across is that certain pests can have an effect on allergies and asthma, especially in children.

This is indeed true, as mice and rats are both known for carrying allergens that can make children incredibly ill. The dander and feces of rodents are incredibly problematic to individuals with asthma and allergies, making it all the more important to rid your home of their presence as soon as you discover them.

How can you tell if you have a rodent or pest infestation in your home?

The first, and oftentimes most obvious sign, is that of droppings or torn food packaging.

Another pest that can worsen allergies in children is the cockroach. The saliva, exoskeleton and feces of this creature all carry allergens known to trigger reactions in humans. Known to make their homes in dark places, cockroaches – and their feces – are most likely to be found in the back of the cabinets, pipes and furniture of infested homes.

With more than just your home’s appearance at risk, it is incredibly important to contact an exterminator as soon as you notice a pest infestation.

For families in need of pest control in the Dunkirk area, Comfort Pest Control is here to help. Whether you are facing rodents or insects, our experienced team of professionals will handle the problem quickly and efficiently, once again making your home a safe place for you and your family to enjoy your time.

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Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter Ants can damage all kinds of wood, the damage can be quite severe overtime if left untreated. Carpenter ants will almost never attack dry wood, Carpenter Ants look for wood that has some type of moisture problem. The most common places for Carpenter Ants to nest is inside window and door frames. The reason these areas are typically a problem is because windows and doors are exposed to weather and if not properly maintained moisture can build up inside these areas causing the wood to decay or rot overtime. The damage that Carpenter Ants can cause may go undetected by a home owner for years. Tell tales signs of Carpenter damage in these areas is sawdust that will eventually be found on the floor under the window and around the door frames. To help prevent problems like this from occurring in your home, contact a professional at Comfort Pest Control 366-2120 for an evaluation of your home.

Is Your Home at Risk for Pest Infestation? [Infographic]

From an uncovered chimney to a loose seal on one of your windows, there are endless ways for pests to make their way into your home. And with ants, bats, rats, termites and more living in the Dunkirk, New York area, there are a wide variety of critters that could be residing inside your attic, walls or basement.

Not only are these pests a nuisance to deal with, but they can also cause incredible damage to the structure of your home; damage that is not usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance! So whether you have noticed your cupboards being disturbed or have heard a strange scratching noise at night, calling an exterminator is your first line of defense against your potential pest problem.

Serving Dunkirk and the surrounding towns for more than twenty years, Comfort Pest Control uses the most advanced methods available to handle your insect and rodent pest problems. Visit us online to learn more about the services we offer and contact us right away at 716-366-2120 if you are facing a pest invasion.

Check for Pest Infestation during the Hunt for Your Next House

family looking at house for saleSpring is almost here, and as the weather warms up, more and more individuals begin to hunt for their dream home. From water in the basement to electrical problems, there are lots of things to consider when shopping for a house, which is why Comfort Pest Control likes to remind our customers to check for pest infestation before they buy. There are plenty of signs to look for, and the warm spring season is the perfect time to search, since bugs will be waking from hibernation and rodents will be out and about hunting for food.

Dead Bugs, Droppings and Nesting Evidence

One of the most noticeable signs of a pest infestation is the sighting of dead bugs or pest droppings in a home. Take some time to check behind appliances, on windowsills and in the basement for evidence. While one dead bug is no cause for concern, a few of the same type of bug is a sign that infestation is likely.

As you check for dead bugs and pest droppings, we also recommend paying close attention for nesting evidence like shredded paper. Used by many different rodents, nesting supplies are often found in attics, basements and the back of cabinets.

Odd Odors and Sounds

Most pests have a particular odor about them, and if you notice an odd, musty odor while walking through your next potential home, this could be a sign of pests. Especially if you are touring a home that hasn’t been lived in for a while, you will also want to keep your ears open for the sounds of rodents. Mice and rats often travel behind walls and under floorboard, and can be heard scurrying about if you listen carefully.

Holes, Grease Marks and Tracks

Signs of a pest infestation can also be found in a home’s yard, so take some extra time while checking out the backyards of your favorite houses. Review the foundation for holes, also looking for grease marks and tracks. Rodents like mice and rats tend to follow the same paths, and if they have been frequenting an area, their presence will be easy to spot.

Experiencing a pest infestation in the Dunkirk, New York area? Don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Pest Control for help at 716-366-2120.