How to Attract Roaches to Your Home

Roaches Roaches are like people: they seek out food, water and shelter. They’re quite hardy. The old joke goes that the only thing that could survive a nuclear war would be roaches…and perhaps Cher, who always seems to make a comeback and never ages in the process.

Kidding aside, roaches are unattractive pests who will feast on any food or food scraps in your home. So, if you leave the dog food bag open and exposed all day, every day, they’ll likely go there. Or if you’re sloppy and let crumbs fall in your bed, your rugs, and your kitchen, roaches will love feasting on those. Did you know roaches will even eat cardboard? Geesh! Bottom line: put food in plastic containers so roaches can’t get at it.

Besides food, roaches look for water and shelter. So if you have pet water bowls or leaky pipes under the kitchen or bathroom sink, for instance, pests will seek it out. They’ll even drink disgusting, leaky drain pipe water.

Rather than leaving leftovers sitting on your kitchen counters for a long period of time or leaving your trash cans in the garage uncovered all week, cover stuff up so roaches and other pests can’t get access.

Roaches love to hide in cluttered, dark areas where humans can’t get to them easily. The cleaner and more organized your house is, the less likely roaches will want to stay there. They didn’t come up with the old term, “Roach Motel,” for no reason, after all!

If you’ve spotted a roach in your house and you’re nervous, calm down and call Comfort Pest Control to deal with the roach problem. The numbers are 716-366-2120 in NY and 814-456-2032 in PA.