Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter Ants can damage all kinds of wood, the damage can be quite severe overtime if left untreated. Carpenter ants will almost never attack dry wood, Carpenter Ants look for wood that has some type of moisture problem. The most common places for Carpenter Ants to nest is inside window and door frames. The reason these areas are typically a problem is because windows and doors are exposed to weather and if not properly maintained moisture can build up inside these areas causing the wood to decay or rot overtime. The damage that Carpenter Ants can cause may go undetected by a home owner for years. Tell tales signs of Carpenter damage in these areas is sawdust that will eventually be found on the floor under the window and around the door frames. To help prevent problems like this from occurring in your home, contact a professional at Comfort Pest Control 366-2120 for an evaluation of your home.