Arthropods are everywhere, but there is no need to worry!

gall midgesA recent article from The Atlantic has uncovered some interesting information about bugs – arthropods in particular – that can be found throughout our home. Unlike the carpenter ants, bed bugs and roaches that can harm us or our houses, most arthropods are not pests. Instead, these hard-shelled critters live in harmony with us, going undetected by all but the keenest naturalists.

Insects and microorganisms have lived alongside humans for millions of years, and as our housing has developed, so have the expansive variety of arthropod species. Led by Matthew Bertone, a team of entomologists decided to take a systematic census to determine how many different types of arthropods could be found across 50 different homes in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Each home had between 32 and 211 species, belonging to between 24 and 128 families.”

Much to our surprise, and probably the surprise of the homes’ residents, more than 10,000 specimens were found as Bertone and his group searched room by room with headlamps, forceps and nets. From cobweb spiders and cellar spiders to gall midges, almost all of the tiny tenants found within the homes were harmless and rarely, if ever, noticed by their human cohabitants.

“…in terms of benign or beneficial insects in the home, we know next to nothing,” notes Emily Hartop of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

So instead of worrying about what you can do to keep all insect-life out of your home as you are lying in bed at night, consider just how incredible it is that these itty bitty life forms have lived alongside us for hundreds of thousands of years, working in harmony and going almost totally unnoticed.

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