Advice for Winter Pest Control

winter pest control As December approaches and snow begins to fall in the Dunkirk, New York area, pests like bees and mosquitoes go into hibernation, making many homeowners think that pest control is not needed during the winter months. Unfortunately, there are many other critters that may be crawling underfoot this season, looking to escape from the chilly weather outdoors. Rodents and spiders are both known to migrate inside as the weather grows cold, making it important to keep your home protected. You don’t want a mouse making an appearance at your annual holiday party!

Firewood Storage

For families that heat their home with a wood burning stove or fireplace, firewood is a necessity in the winter. It also creates a cozy location for critters like mice and ants to make their nests. To prevent these pests from gaining access to your home, we recommend keeping your firewood pile at least 20 feet from the house.

Leaky Pipes

Cockroaches are another common cold-weather pest that can trigger allergies and worsen asthma symptoms. Often found in kitchens and bathrooms, these pests love warm, damp areas and can often be found under appliances and sinks. Perform a thorough check of your home this season, tightening leaky pipes to keep cockroaches from making themselves at home.

Cover your Chimney

As you are decorating the outside of your home this holiday season, take some time to protect it from pests as well. A mesh cover or chimney cap can be installed to keep squirrels and raccoons from making their way indoors. Homeowners should also trim back bushes and trees, preventing these animals from getting access to your roof.

Whether you find a pest in your home or are interested in taking preventative measures to keep them out this winter, contact Comfort Pest Control online or by phone at 716-366-2120 today!