Pest Control Company

Since 1994, Comfort Pest Control has been quick, safe and effective at eliminating many different types of pests. Located in Dunkirk, New York, we offer our services throughout Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

At Comfort Pest Control, we keep your family safe from rodents and insects and we keep your business free of pests that would otherwise distract workflow or drive away customers. Our exterminators operate using the most efficient and humane methods, ensuring that your pest problems is solved correctly and completely. Our services are also the most affordable of any other pest control company in the area.

At Comfort Pest Control, our services are guaranteed, so you can be sure your home and belongings will be safe on our watch. Our exterminators also undergo extensive training, so we can identify any type of pest and know how to make sure it will not return when our services are complete. Comfort Pest Control covers the whole region, from Silver Creek to Buffalo, Salamanca to Olean and everywhere in between, in addition to many Pennsylvania regions. For more than 20 years, Comfort Pest Control has been keeping families and businesses safe from insects, rodents and other critters that belong outdoors.

If you are experiencing a pest problem of any kind, it’s time to call in the experts for fast and effective service. Schedule a bug or rodent removal appointment today by calling 716-366-2120!

Our Work:

Comfort Pest Control protects homes and businesses from hazardous pests. We take every measure to make sure our methods are safe, affordable and most importantly, effective. We go into every job with a comprehensive treatment and abatement plan, and back our services with a written warranty give you peace of mind that your property is protected and your assets are safe from any pest damage.

Comprehensive Pest Removal:

We get results – guaranteed – and one of the many reasons behind our high level of efficiency is our Quality Assurance Department, which performs random audits to make sure Comfort Pest Control is living up to our own high standards by monitoring key quality control factors. Each visit is monitored by GPS Insight Time-tracking software, so we know exactly what services have been performed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are in good hands with Comfort Pest Control.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We have a very attentive training and safety director, who can answer any questions that come to mind, from routine removal details to unusual pest control problems. Our quality assurance team also communicates with each customer regularly throughout the pest removal process, allowing us to make sure that you’re fully satisfied, while never being as intrusive as the pests that brought us to your home or business in the first place.

Technically Knowledgeable:

Each Comfort Pest Control management professional is highly skilled in dealing with a wide variety of unwelcomed critters. Our management professionals are highly trained and are always at the top of their game when it comes to applied knowledge. We know the importance of never stopping, however, and we continually strive to improve, learn more and apply newly acquired skills to offer the best pest control solutions possible. Comfort Pest Control has programs offered by our training and safety director, in addition to state and national trade association training seminars that help to keep our staff up to date on the latest innovations and techniques. All of our field representatives are also certified applicators and have passed registration courses.

Integrated Pest Management::

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is Comfort Pest Control’s philosophy. IPM is our guide to solving the toughest of pest infestations, and it is comprised of six steps:

  1. An initial inspection is performed by our knowledgeable technicians and management team.
  2. Suspected pest(s) are identified by our technicians, with assistance provided by our technical support team.
  3. Treatment is started by applying non-chemical methods to solve pest concerns, including sealing, exclusion, sanitation recommendations, etc.
  4. Pest management materials are applied, taking caution to use as few chemical treatments as needed to be as effective as possible, with safety always our top consideration.
  5. Monitoring is performed to ensure the efficacy of the program and to verify that the rodent or insect population has been completely eliminated.
  6. Maintain open and complete communication channels between our team and you to guarantee satisfaction with the IPM program.

Available for Consults:

We’re also available to help with consultations for any situation where our technical knowledge and experience is needed. Our safety and training director can work with you to answer questions or ensure compliance with work being performed with government and regulatory agencies. We’re also available to provide insights and solutions to deal with any unconventional pest infestations.